Moth Extermination in Alexandria VA

There are three types of moths in Alexandria VA, the clothes moths, the Indian meal moths and the Mediterranean meal moths. These moths can quickly infest your home and destroy food and clothing. They hide in closets and food bins and in the folds of clothing and can be difficult to identify and get rid off. Moths can damage your expensive clothing and carpets. They also infest in foods and are a nuisance pest.
We know how to eliminate moths in your home. No matter what kind of moth you’re dealing with. You need a moth control strategy that takes care of them before they can do the damage. with Pest Chase, you can consider moths controlled.

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Indian Meal Moth in Alexandria VA

dult Indian meal moths are  3/8 inch long and they have an elongated oval shaped body, The head of the larva is dark brown in color. These moths are stored grain pests. Larvae of the Indian meal moth feed on grains and  grain products, dried fruits and nuts, The Indian meal moth is also a common pantry pest. The adults fly at night and are attracted to lights. Indianmeal moth larvae, even in small numbers, will damage food items by eating through them and spinning silk webs between damaged and undamaged particles of food. 

Pest Chase provides pest control

Clothes Mothin Alexandria VA

Clothes moths are small, 1/2-inch moths that are beige or buff-colored.  These moths, do not like light and prefer a nice, dark closet which is why they are difficult to spot. 
Adults do not feed so they cause no harm to fabrics. The larval stage of clothes moths are creamy-white caterpillars up to 1/2-inch long. The larvae feed within folds of fabric and other concealed areas. Development time before transforming into a moth varies greatly (from one month to as much as two years), depending on temperature, food availability,

Pest Chase provides pest control

Mediterranean Flour Moth in Alexandria VA

Adults Mediterranean meal moths are 5/8 inch long and the front wings are pale gray with black waves.​ This moth is a significant flour pest and poses a problem in mills and warehouses. They infest seeds and  nuts, flour based products and grains products. Mediterranean flour moths are found in grocery and  drug stores where it can be found infesting food. They get into homes through infested food products

Why do I have moths in my home in Alexandria VA?

Moth infestation begins with bringing in an infested product such as a food product , rug or clothing. Many moths are attracted to our homes for shelter and food. Moths are drawn to light sources. They can often fly in through an open window or door and lay eggs. Once those eggs hatch, moth larvae, depending on the species, may find fabrics, fur, paper, and other substances to eat. Moths are also attracted to damp, dark areas like your plumbing fixtures, under appliances, in cracks, and other isolated areas.
At Pest Chase we begin with identifying the type of moths, and then treating it accordingly.

How often should moth control treatment be done in Alexandria VA?

Moth control treatment is a one time treatment to get rid of moths in your home. However, there will be preparation work that you will need to do in order to bring effective control.

Moth Treatment in Alexandria VA

Pest Chase moth control includes spot treating areas of moth infestation with pesticide. We also place moth traps to lure and trap the adult moths. 

Protecting your home from moths

The pesticides we apply are effective for upto 90 days. However as these are transportable insects, you sill need to be careful to not purchase the brand that had the infestation to begin with as you may end up bringing the pests in again.

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