Beetles Extermination in Alexandria VA

There are several types of beetles in Alexandria VA, the most common ones are the Carpet beetles, confused flour beetles, drug store beetles, powder post beetles, saw tooth grain beetles, and the red flour beetles. Some of the beetles eat carpet and clothing, while most of them infest foods, beetles are a nuisance pest and cause heath concerns.

We understand well the  damage beetles do. Our beetle control measures will help keep your home safe from them.  Identification is difficult since different beetle species can look very similar, and they can appear tiny to the naked eye. That’s why a trained eye is necessary for full identification. Our experts will identify the kind of beetle you have and from there will know the exact strategies to use to take care of beetles in your house. For example, the red flour beetle is often found associated with the confused flour beetle. These two species are difficult to distinguish, particularly in the larval stage of development. The life cycle of the red flour beetle is usually shorter than the confused flour beetle. They are both flour beetles but are different species, so make sure you have proper identification from a pest control professional so that you know you are getting the correct beetle treatments.

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