Pest Chase Bed Bug Control in Alexandria VA

Adult bed bugs are broad and  flat, oval insects. Before feeding, bed bugs are brown and about the size of a seed. After feeding, they are swollen and red from the blood they have ingested. The nymphs are nearly clear in color and hard to spot. You can spot the blood smears and fecal stains on sheets and mattresses. If you see any evidence, contact a professional bed bug exterminator to get rid of bed bugs in your home.

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Bed bug inspection in Alexandria VA

At Pest Chase we have a lot of experience in identifying and treating bed bugs. 
Our trained staff will meticulously go through your home looking for bed bugs and signs of bed bug activity.

How often should bed bug treatment be done in Alexandria VA?

Bed bug treatment is a one time treatment. Since these bugs are great hitchhikers, depending on how you brought them into the home the first time, you may end up bringing them again. It is important to identify the source of these bugs to avoid bringing them again.

Bed bug Treatment

Pest Chase bed bug control includes treating the entire home with pesticide mixed with insect growth regulator. We target all furniture and baseboards, electrical outlets and curtains. We also carry out spot  and crack and crevices treatments where bed bugs are harboring. Our bed bug extermination plan includes two treatments, the second treatment is done after 15 days to eliminate any bed bugs that may have hatch after the initial treatment.

Bed bug treatment preparation for your home in Alexandria VA

Prior to treating your property for bed bugs you will need to do some preparation on your end. This can be time consuming and you will need to plan for it.
At Pest Chase we have a bed bug treatment preparation sheet that has a check list of items to help you prepare better. 
The better you prepare the more effective the treatment will be.

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