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Temple Hills bed bug Control

Dealing with bed bug problems in Temple Hills MD

When choosing a company for bed bug extermination in Temple Hills MD, the factors to consider are expertise, quality, timely response and price.

At Pest Chase, we can assure you of the Best pest control service in Temple Hills MD because this is what we have been doing for over 25 years. Since we are a local pest control company in Temple Hills, of course we will be there as soon as 1-4 hours of your call. Our fast response times have been a great service that Pest Chase customers love about us!

We stand behind our work and provide you with a personal experience. Pest Chase bed bug inspectors and technicians do a thorough pest inspection and provide you with information on how we can control the pests effectively. Our prices are very competitive in the industry and Pest Chase offers you the best quality in the pest control industry.

Read what our customers say about our bed bug control service, we are 5 star rated Temple Hills bed bug exterminators

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Temple Hills Bed Bug Control : Pest Chase family owned, local business

Bed Bug control in Temple Hills is not the same as in the other cities. Temple Hills is unique in its geography as it is bordered by the Potomac river and is in close proximity to the nation's capital DC.

Pest Control in Temple Hills is rapidly becoming a necessity in order to keep the pests at bay. With many streets along the river, it increases the survival of many pests.

Pest Chase Termite and Pest Control is all about Temple Hills bed bug control. We have done thousands of inspections in and around Temple Hills and are very familiar with the surroundings. Some of the major constructions happening in Temple Hills City are on Temple Hill road, Hagan road and Fisher road. Read more about the projects. The ongoing projects disturb the habitats of bed bug causing them to scatter and seek shelter into the homes of Temple Hills residents. We provide bed bug control service for the following zipcodes 20748, 20757 in Temple Hills MD. The city of Temple Hills belongs Prince George's county.

We here at Pest Chase have over 25 years of industry experience in pest control and we have successfully controlled bed bug infestations in condos, townhouse and single family homes in Temple Hills MD.

How to identify bed bugs?

"Bed bugs can be difficult to identify because their appearance changes with the life stage they are in. Here are some tips to help you to identify bed bugs correctly:
  • Before feeding, adult bed bugs are flat and oval and have no wings. They are about 1/4 of an inch in length and are reddish-brown. They are apple-seed-like in appearance.
  • After feeding, the adult's bodies expand and become more oblong. Their color also changes to a deeper, purplish-red.
  • Newly-hatched bed bug nymphs are no larger than the head of a pin. They look similar to adults but are smaller in size and almost translucent in color. Nymphs are much easier to spot after feeding, as their bodies turn bright red.
  • Bed bug eggs are extremely small, approximately 1mm in size. They are whitish in color, making them almost invisible to the human eye and very difficult to detect.

Do bed bugs transmit diseases? Are bed bugs dangerous?

It has been recently identified that bed bugs carry MRSA. For more information read bed bugs carry MSRA. In additionl, some people may have an allergic reaction to their bites. Their bites appear in a line or cluster of three or more on your skin and are very itchy, which can lead to secondary infections requiring medical attention. A bed bug infestation can create a lot of stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights for you and your family.

What are the signs of bed bug infestion?

The first and probably most apparent sign of a bed bug infestation is finding live bed bugs in your home in places like the seams of mattresses, in the cracks of walls, in the crevices of wooded furniture, under piles of dirty laundry, and inside electronics.
Another sign is finding rusty or red blood stains or dark streaks of excrement on bed sheets, mattresses, and box springs. The evidence of bites on your skin is another sign that bed bugs are living inside your home. Bed bug bites are usually present on arms, legs, and other skin exposed while sleeping."

What to do if I see bed bugs in my home in Temple Hills?

If you notice bed bugs inside your home, contact a pest control professional immediately. It is best to begin bed bug treatment as soon as possible. At Pest Chase our bed bug professionals have extensive experience eliminating bed bugs. We use latest technologies to quickly and completely remove bed bugs from your home in Temple Hills. To learn more about our bed bug treatment plans, give Pest Chase a call today at 703-626-0404

How do I get rid of bed bug problem?

Getting rid of bed bug in Temple Hills begins with identification of the species of bed bug. Seeking a pest control proffessional is the best way to ensure that the right bed bugtreatment is done targeting the habitats and applying the necessary bed bug extermination methods. In many cases if the source of the bed bug problem is not found, they will continue to come back. DIY bed bug extermination can make the bed bug problem worse and sometimes cause them to invade other areas of your home. Call Pest Chase 703-626-0404 and we will take care of the bed bug problem for you.

Are there any benefits of having professional bed bug control for my home in Temple Hills?

In Temple Hills life is busy, we sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks to complete at hand. One of the big benefits is that you don't have to do bed bug control, we will take care of it for you. That's one less item that you have to care about. You also dont have to learn to do it as you can leave it to experienced pest exterminators to handle the bed bug problem for you. Bed Bug control should be done regularly in order for it to be effective. With Pest Chase you will be on a regular maintenance schedule and we will be there periodically to take care of the bed bug infestation, so that you dont have to remember to do it.


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